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There are many different factors to take into consideration when dealing with a personal injury claim, so it’s important each one is treated on its own individual merits.  It’s also important to know what you’re entitled to claim for should you find yourself in this situation.  It’s quite common for people to assume it’s just for injury and perhaps your vehicle damage.

Bodily Injury

The most obvious thing you’ll think of is the injury part of the claim.  You’re entitled to claim for the pain and suffering that.  The more severe the injury, the more the claim is likely to be worth in terms of a compensation payout.

Vehicle Repair

If you’re the driver of the vehicle, the chances are you’ll need your car repaired.  At Car Accident Injury Claims, we can offer you a vehicle repair service to avoid this.  It will save you paying any excesses as the costs are met by the fault party.  If your vehicle is unfortunate enough to be deemed a total loss, we can also pursue a claim for this also.

Alternative Vehicle Hire

We can provide you with a like for like vehicle whilst your own vehicle is off the road.  Again these costs are met by the fault party.

Medical Treatment

In some cases you may require medical treatment such as physiotherapy or counselling.  This is a service we can provide at no cost you as it’s all met by the fault party.